How to Contribute

1. Become a tester and report bugs in bug tracker: Here is the link

2. Write or improve our project documentation : Which is me :)

3. Become a translator : If you have good command over other language then here is one more options for you to become a translator for documentation or portal labels.

4. Suggest a feature : If you have an idea you feel could improve the project, you can suggest us.

5. Donate by money : You can contribute to survive project, speed project development and to encourage team. Donation paypal id is or visit

6. Build a community : As we are an open source, to survive it needs to become the center of a large, engaged community. Community means more people to discover and report issues, suggest new features, and generally help to spread the word. There’s lots of ways you can help to grow a project’s community, but a few popular methods are writing blogs and tutorials, promoting the project on social networks, and becoming active on its mailing list and/or forums, particularly when it involves answering questions newcomers have about the project.